Santoor: The One Instrument Everyone Should Know About -

Santoor: The One Instrument Everyone Should Know About

In this modern world, there are various types of musical instruments. All these musical instruments can be classified into two main groups, the western musical instruments, and classical musical instruments. Out of the classical musical instruments, santoor is a popular one. It is the traditional musical instrument of Jammu and Kashmir.

Santoor: The One Instrument Everyone Should Know About

It is a trapezoid-shaped hollow box, generally made out of walnut. There are 25 bridges on top of the hollow box. Each bridge has four strings resting on it, and two wooden mallets used to play the santoor.

The santoor, an instrument specialized to play Hindustani classical music.

So, are you looking for a small musical instrument that can be used for several purposes? Or are you looking for one to surprise your child or friend? Well, why not check out the following list of mini-musical instruments and where you can purchase them.

Colorful Wooden Bell Instrument 

This instrument is suitable for babies up to two years of age. It is a long instrument similar to a stick with attached bells. It is around 17 cm in length and weighs approximately 55 grams. As it is made out of wood, it is sturdy and durable. It is durable. This colorful instrument used to entertain babies. You only have to shake it, and the bell sound would entertain them. This instrument is used in musical shows and programs, as well. It can accompany other musical instruments and singers.

This colorful wooden instrument is available in stock and free shipping provided around the globe.

Electronic Drumsticks Instrument 

This instrument consists of only two electronic sticks that have a whole drum set within it. You can play the drum by just beating the sticks. For each beat, the tip of the instrument lights up. It is a must need an instrument for all music lovers.

This instrument is currently in stock. It ships out within 24 hours and free shipping provided worldwide.         

Mini Saxophone Musical Instrument  

This instrument is a mini pocket sax. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. This is mini, portable, and carried around wherever you go. It produces a moderate sound, so playing this instrument will not be a disturbance to others. Along with this mini-musical instrument, a carrying bag is available, too. It is highly recommended by many.

It is currently in stock and free worldwide shipping is provided too.

So, if you are hosting an event or party at home, or simply just interested in buying any of the above mentioned musical instruments, do not hesitate to click on the relevant links given above and purchase these items in no time.

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