sarangi How Well Do You Know About Sarangi Instrument?

How Well Do You Know About Sarangi Instrument?

A musical instrument is an instrument that was invented as well as used to produce musical sounds. These instruments are used for various purposes and in multiple ways. In this modern world, there is a large number of different types of musical instruments. Each musical instrument is played in different ways as well as produce a different style of music. Out of all these musical instruments, Sarangi is a bowed string instrument that is popular among Hindustani folk and classical music.     

How Well Do You Know About Sarangi Instrument?

Sarangi is a musical instrument, also known as Saran or saranga. It is a musical instrument used to play classical Hindustani music throughout South Asia. The word Sarangi means a hundred colors in Hindi. It depicts the ability of this instrument to produce various tones as well as different styles of music.

Sarangi is one of the oldest, as well as the most popular bowed instruments in India. It is mostly used to accompany singers with background music. But it can be played as a solo instrument too, like guitars and violins. It is one of the essential stringer instruments in Hindustani classical music school. It is said that the device resembles the sound of the human voice more than any other musical instrument. Also, this instrument has been associated with the ‘Kathak’ dance traditionally.

Let us have a look at how this musical instrument came into existence.

History of Sarangi

The invention of this instrument is not known correctly. But it is mentioned in sources that this instrument was introduced by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji from India, though it is not very sure whether this fact is actual. It is also believed to be an instrument well known in Nepal too.

How Well Do You Know About Sarangi Instrument?


This musical instrument is made out of a single piece of wood. It is a slightly rectangular-shaped instrument with three hollow chambers. They are:

  • Pet (stomach)
  • Chaati (chest)
  • Magaj (brain)

It has a broad neck as well as three main strings. The fourth string is included in some Sarangis. It is used as a drone. The number of sympathetic strings varies from one instrument to another. This musical instrument is approximately 30 inches long as well as 6 inches wide.

How To Play

When playing this instrument, the head has to be placed on the lap and the broad neck positioned on the shoulder, just like a guitar. It is usually played with a horsehair bow. The strings are stopped with the sides of the left-hand fingernails, as well as not by the balls of the finger. Typically people who play this instrument apply talcum powder on their hands to help slide their fingers over the strings effortlessly.

How Well Do You Know About Sarangi Instrument?

A famous violinist, Yehudi Menuhin, describes the Sarangi as “a musical instrument that remains not only the authentic and original Indian bowed string instrument but also one which most poignantly as well as most revealingly expresses the very soul of feeling and thought.”

Above explained in detail is all you need to know about a Sarangi. So if you ever decide on playing a musical instrument, why not try this one?

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